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Re: Bonnie the Cat's, formerly know as Stupid Dream - PROG ROCK thread!

Know what's irritating? One of my fav musicians ever has released a new album, next week he's coming over to tour my country and I have tickets to both his shows, and my computer's DVD drive refuses to play it!
Bet I will be the only one in the house next week who hasn't yet heard Steven Wilson's "Grace for Drowning"...

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
GOD! I need to practice this song for the weekend.
The band wants to rehearse it.
I used to love it, but now...
- well, I sure do hope you don't have to sing it. That stuff is not for us mere mortals.

"It's getting colder, I'm getting colder, older, it's getting colder...

Am I still here? As one, with The Fear?
Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

"The Storm Before The Calm"


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