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Re: Does anyone like indoor tennis?

Everko doesn't even realize himself that he only dislikes indoors because Nadal doesn't win there. Hilarious.

Originally Posted by Everko View Post
Slow courts are the true shower of how good a player is.
What a joke. Here's a short history lesson: Some years ago, all the surfaces had unique characteristics and because of that it was almost impossible to dominate on all of them. That resulted in surface specialists, contrasting playing styles and many exciting match-ups. Now everything has been slowed down to clay speed, which has made the sport much more boring.

Indoors is a great venue for tennis. They should keep the indoor courts quick though and stop the homogenization.

Tea of truth:
Originally Posted by JimmyV View Post
We should be appreciative of Federer though, because we will never see anything like him again. The fact he can still compete for slams ever after the erosion of his physical skills is really a greater testament to the natural talent he has than the period of time when he was dominating the tour.
Noletards in 2015 in a single post:
Originally Posted by Shinoj View Post
24 Year old Federer is nothing but a 2015 Djokovic minus 50 % of his fighting capability.
Nadaltards in early 2014 in a single post:
Originally Posted by Allez View Post
Nadal is by far the most naturally talented player of all time and that is the reason his stay at the top is a lot longer than players like Federer etc were able to do.
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