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Re: Does anyone like indoor tennis?

Originally Posted by Everko View Post
Slow courts are the true shower of how good a player is. They allow more time and players have to think about each shot more. the matches last longr, players have to be stronger. Also because it takes more time the players have more time to hit ahot and think about it. It's a thinking man's curface and one only for the mentally strong. On slow courts it is easier to go insane on court because there is more time to think about mistakes or 2nd guess your shots. This is why only the mentally and physically strong and the smart survive the slow courts.

On fast courts players can get lucky more often. because players can just swing there heartout each shot and sometimes its a winner. You have to serve good but that's only one part of the tennis game.
If you had thought even longer and harder about your comment you might have found a way to thin it down even more by adding more and more repetitions. You sure like to puff up, eh?

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