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Re: How do you personally deal with loneliness?

I cant think in shit now because I am just thinking about all the fun I will be losing without my ex-girlfriend that I had for five months now
However, we cant date someone only for the fun.
I think I lost 80% of my distractions and happy moments of the last 5 months right now... time to boost my life , dare I say.
No more electronic parties, no more movies no more meeting other people as a couple, no more pizzas at night, no more taking care of each other, no more speaking about economics and jack shit.
I am fucked hahaha. I should try to make women believe I want to marry them next time. But then again it always bothered me.

Sometimes men and women should just play this kind of "i like you never will leave you" game to try to put more perspective and context in their lifes and ight loneliness, but you goota be also happy and filled with joy when single and also without many friends.

I live in this town now for less than 2 years, I dont plan to keep living n here so I dont have too many close friends, but you gotta feel you have a whole world inside yourself, feeding your spiritual, mental and physical world properly without forgeting to be nice to the people and trying to make new friends.

There is no mistery in that.

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