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Re: How do you personally deal with loneliness?

if i may add oen point to the "dont settle"

don't let others expectations of settling be yours

if being a dustbinman makes you happy then be that-
if volunteering in a soup kitchen makes you happy then do that

5 years ago my mother got diagnosed with the big C- after shedding more tears then i could remember and feeling worthless i decided to volunteer at a cancer research uk charity store-
the manager asked me if i minded working 2 days a week- after a week i was working 5-6 day weeks there-
it was and always will be the happiest job i ever had- i never made a single penny (in fact i spent money in the store- it all went to a good cause)

mom (touch wood and pray to God) beat it-

i miss that store- the manager woman and i didnt see eye to eye- she was a paid manager who didnt give a damn about anyone but herself- and would pay her daughter to do shifts at the shop: using the till to pay her- she didnt like the fact i was working for free and offereing to do more

the people i met there i wil always treasure their friendships and stories

God is Love. To know Love is to know God. So ask yourself if you hold any hate for another in your heart how can you have room for Love, room for God
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