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Re: How do you personally deal with loneliness?

i thin the best advice i heard is "don't settle"

dont accept if you dont think its makking you happy

shit- 6 years ago i was training to be an accountant and the boss of the company personally offered me a lifetime job with the company- with perks and everything

mentally i was so gone i had a nervous breakdown almost lost it- i quit (at the time scariest thing i ever did) and moved away for a while- always had an olive branch to come back when i felt right again- and this travelling did me so much good- because i've lived it- i dont feel the need to go out there again

sometimes you have to just trust God (or fate if you want) and do something that makes you happy

its strange because i didnt know i was unhappy untill i was happy- and i didnt kow just how happy i was untill i didnt have it- and now i appreciate everything so much more

women are complex creatures- i dont have a clue how they work or think- all i know is when a woman you really care about says she loves you- your whole world feels just a bit more complete

the best advice i can give about women is- they can smell desperation a mile off and it stinks to them- make female friends first (without any kind of strings- just friendship) and after you feel more comfortable then be more open- your soul mate is out there- she's probably single right now and wondering why her special someone hasn't come for her- its all about when its the right time

God is Love. To know Love is to know God. So ask yourself if you hold any hate for another in your heart how can you have room for Love, room for God
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