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Re: The new (and improved) Djokoforum chat thread! Part 2

Originally Posted by arm View Post
1) Find a way to rest. I mean it. You're harming yourself, you need to stop and rest!
2) Don't postpone the mammo, that's a very important thing. You do it every year, right?
3) Physical therapy will be better than you think. it will be ok.
Don't worry, I will have my mammo. I have it every year. You are the one telling me to rest I haven't had a minute to myself since getting up at 7am. And it's almost 4pm. I ate my lunch in the car while waiting for my son afterschool. Hopefully, that's all for me as I almost cleaned up all outstanding items on my to do list.

edit: Get my appointment for mammo and bone density next Tuesday. So it will be another crazy Tuesday for me with all appointments and driving around

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