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Re: The new (and improved) Djokoforum chat thread! Part 2

Originally Posted by arm View Post
Sorry about your mom Thanks for sharing and it makes sense!
I like internal medicine very much, because it's the basics, but here in Portugal that means having no personal life at all, your job is your life. And I don't want that for me. When the time comes for me to choose, I will certainly take may factors in consideration, and having time for myself, my family and friends will be a huge one.
Some peole will say I am not a true doctor and I am not commited enough. I don't care, just like an engineer has a life besides his job, all the doctors are entiled to that as well. I want to help people and I want to be good at it, but I like other stuff as well.
good for you; me too! And I am a workaholic but the specialty allows me time! Look I slum on MTF and work too!


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