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Re: The new (and improved) Djokoforum chat thread! Part 2

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Sitting at the gate waiting for the plane heading home.

Funeral went smoothly and thank my FIL's spirit because it started to rain on my way to Calgary for two days but the sun came out the morning of his funeral.

Hubby and I have married for 23 1/2 years, added another 2 years before the marriage, but yesterday was the first time I saw him cried when his brother gave the eulogy. My boy cried in public the first time too (not counting when he was a baby/toddler).

I forgot my wool jacket for the funeral but fortunately, the black wrap I brought did a very good job for keeping me warm as temp. was at mid-low 10s. The problem was I woke up at 3:30 the morning of the funeral to remember this. At least I remember to pack my clothes last minute from home. I looked like a zombie most of the time here

The good thing is I saw a few people I missed. We had dinner with Jr.'s godparents as they were away last time we were in town. I had a long talk with my niece about her life and wedding plans. We also missed hubby's older nephew but that poor boy had even less sleeping then I did. He had to finish 2 projects from Uni during his less than 48 hours stay after he finished one exam before he caught the flight. We also ran into the retired priest who was quite important to our life during our time in Calgary.

time to board the plane.
Glad you managed to take some good things from this trip. It's always good spending time with family, regardless of the circunstances. Now you get to go home and rest. It must have been strange and worrying see hubby and Lee Jr cry. But it's only normal, everyone will be fine soon.

My grandfather's brother (my father's uncle) also died last friday. It was not very traumatic to my family, because my father didn't have a special connection with him like I have with all my aunts and uncles... because he had so many uncles and aunts that the family was a bit apart. It would have been very difficult for my grandfather to handle, but sadly with his condition (he has alzheimer's) he didn't understand and has no idea what happened.
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