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Re: How much Soderling is flying the Swedish Flag

Good post this so let me revive this thread. The big shame is that Pim-Pim Johansson got unlucky with injuries or I'm pretty sure we could have had two swedes in the top50 and maybe even in the top20.

Sadly I don't have much faith in Berta and Brydolf. I don't think they have been showing the progress you want to see in a future top player. Lindell? Hmm dunno. Not very hopeful there either. I wish at least one of them could hit a big breakthrough but if it doesn't happen soon they might get stuck a bit like Ryderstedt.

I read an article not long ago about the Ymer brothers but they are only 12 and 15 atm. The younger one has won more of the kid tournaments then Borg, Wilander, Edberg and Soderling and the older just won gold in the european youth-olympics. (

Could be some kind of swedish response to the williams sisters going on there but still a few years left before you really can see what they got. Seems they might not grow as physically big and strong as Pim-pim and Soderling either.

Personally I think swedish tennis should focus on developing players in the style of Enqvist/Pim-Pim/Soderling that plays with major power in the groundgame and also has a big serve to back it up. Johansson and Björkman was also very special and both had a volley game that was among the best on the tour but today it feels like the passing shots are so good that Soderlings style is the way to go.

I don't think Sweden can develop some kind of low error/grinder style players though because every freaking country is probably trying to develop that type of players and with Swedens small population it's not gonna be as successful as spain etc

I mostly hope for a new physical freak around 6'4-> that also has the talent of Pim-Pim/Soderling
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