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Re: The new (and improved) Djokoforum chat thread! Part 2

Originally Posted by cobalt60 View Post
That's great! I can only hope my oldest will get a job when he graduates

You might find this interesting- I was asked about what my plans will be in about 4 years when my youngest heads to college. I have been pretty honest with the higher ups in the hospital that I might be gone in 4 years time. They told me that there is a trend in medicine that for every older doc who retires they will have to hire 2 to replace him or her. Seems the younger generation does not want to work as hard. They were lamenting it stating that the work ethic was changing. I laughed and said- wait a minute- maybe they want a life What's so bad about that? My profession are known to be workaholics you know
Really, they’ve had doctors working so very hard. But it’s difficult when you have patients clamoring for your help. It’s hard not to work. I would be devastated if my doctor here in this small town decided to leave. He does work long hours, and there are so many who depend on him. I think the younger people have ideas about what is due their families too. This guy’s wife is a doctor too, but she works far less than he does.

Originally Posted by arm View Post
Any other wish? Maybe half naked rafa, or something like that? You name it and we get it for your online party.

Tequila now I am even old enough to drink in your country so its going to be a blast . Funny how I am allowed to drink in my country for 4 years now, but in the us only since july.

Also funny that I am the only one in this forum who reveals her age.
Not naked Rafa. He’s too naked these days.

Champagne is really my alcohol of choice. Very dry. Expensive. Well, at least $50 a bottle. I haven’t ever had any of that $300 stuff.

I like margaritas though.

You can drink when you are 17 in Portugal?

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that they send 18 year olds to war to be killed, but heaven forbid they drink at the same age.
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