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Re: NCAA 2011-2012 Football

Originally Posted by out_here_grindin View Post
To tell you the truth Justin I thought BYU would win that game. It's shocking to see how badly they played.

Gameday in Morgantown,WV this week as they host LSU. Hopefully they can knock off the Bayou Bengals.
I thought they had a great chance, everything was up in the air, but it turned out much better

Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
Justin Blackmon is amazing, he's going to be a Hakeem Nicks/Dez Bryant like NFL star. That Oklahoma/Oklahoma State match at the end of the season is going to be a must watch.

Boise might only lose to TCU, it's virtually impossible to see how they could lose to anyone else.

LSU have a fantastic D, probably the best D in college right now, but I hope they don't make the NC game - I've never liked Les Miles. Don't ask me why, something about him just pisses me off.
Blackmon is ridic. Oklahoma State has got quite the offense so far.

Boise's not losing to TCU...TCU's defense is just crap right now. I don't think Boise's losing to anyone this year...I am really hoping Air Force stands up to them (and I think they could make it decently close with their option attack), but I'm doubtful about that too considering they put up a stinker against TCU.

LSU's D's is fantastic...I think they'll beat West Virginia pretty convincingly, but I hope I'm proven wrong. Interesting Gameday choice as well, considering Okie State-A&M is the best matchup ranking-wise.
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