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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Originally Posted by Amber Spyglass View Post
I could be wrong but as today is Thursday, I read the tweet as, next Thursday and he would be in Belgrade over the weekend. It's strange not to say "today" instead of Thursday when you're already on the actual day
I agree with you btw. I don't see how it would make an iota of a difference to his career tbh. There's not exactly any life style change involved. They've already been living together since 08, so there would be no moving in together for the first time aspect or as you say,even moving somewhere different. He won't be leaving MC while his career is still going due to privacy reasons. She's been to loads of tournaments, not been to others so they've more or less encountered every situation like that over the past 6 years. The only thing that would really bring about a "lifestyle change" would be a baby( which I doubt is going to happen anytime soon ) Sure, they could always break up, but I don't see how the possible "marriage years" themselves would affect his career. Anyway it's still highly unlikely this would actually be happening at the weekend.

Just had a thought. I wonder if it possibly has anything to do with his acting plans that were talked about after USO

Oh and pretty sure Jelena is just a year older than him btw, 17th June 1986. This article has all the dates including his parents and half his team so I presume it's right
(Scroll down under each picture for the various dates)

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