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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Originally Posted by Sleepwalker64 View Post
So, for all we know...he is taking his first and only girl in his life, for his wife. This is not good even for girls...and sounds completely crazy, cause we are talking about tennis number one. Not that I want him to be Safin...but...
It came to me hard for these guys can it be to find a regular girl? I mean not a girl chasing his fame and money...but the real one. I believe that Jelena is the right choice, but this is too early, I'm afraid.
Agree with both statements

I understand we're your coming from :3 after all, that almost happened to me ("dated" my "maker" -TB term, I need to be humorous about this dark period of my life -), with my boyfriend of 6 years, I was 19 when we started to date (he was 23) and 25, when we separated for good, over the course of time, we ended up being married without actually getting married, cause you get so 'used to' be with that person all the time that you tend to believe the next logical step to do is get hitched... or to break up.

In Nole and Jelena's case, the thing is they've been dating for 5-6 years I think? e.e once you get to that stage, some couples (due to social pressure, some times) see it as a, make it or break it deal, so they decide to get married, OR to break up. I'm not saying they're not in love, because you only have to see them together to notice how much they care about each other. But it can be very frustrating investing your life into be part of somebody else's only to end up with nothing i the long run? They may be young, they may be the first serious relationship of each other, but I do believe that what they have is genuine and healthy for Novak, this is a girl who has been with him trough ups & downs, all before the # 1 madness, so, in the light of that, I believe she's the right choice... the timing? not so good, Nole's schedule is extremely demanding and physically excruciating, maybe next year, he'll have a little more space to do it the right way, but to extend it too much could also be a double edge sword

On the other hand, Tipsy's married and he seems to be doing fine and he's almost my age (meh, he was born a year later than me ), is Biljana his first serious girlfriend too?

In the end I hope that if they do get married, it all works for the best for both!

And please stop believing in the rumor that Andy will be his best man Andy over Janko/Viktor? Really??

And as a final note, I'm positive that if this happens, whenever it does, Novak will be the first to put it on his twitter/FB, he won't give the exclusive to such an important moment in his life to some tabloid.

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