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Re: Professor Sampras Believes This Is the Strongest Era Ever

Originally Posted by Clay Death View Post
and it is about to get even better in 2012.

just watch what fed, clay warrior, d-pot, and murray bring to the party in 2012 to better compete with the great serbian slayer.

nole has forced the field`s hand to improve.
How does Murray deserve a mention?

Nadal may yet get a single win against Djokovic which may shatter Djokovic's confidence leading to a string of losses against Nadal, and Federer always matches up favorably against Djokovic (barring his age), but MURRAY!???!

Murray is not even on the same planet as those 3 guys.

It's true that no-one will even come close to beating one of the golden 3 at any event on any surface for the next 5 years (barring Federer's retirement). But talent wise, Murray is the weakest of the top 10, it just shows what headcase inconsistent mugs the rest of them are that they somehow get ranked lower than him at the minute.

I'm pretty sure Murray will be nowhere near the top 10 by this time next year and will never be again ranked inside the top 10.
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