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Re: Dr. Sampras , Ph.D, MD, DVM, Believes This Is the Strongest Era Ever

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
anyone who thinks 50's and 60's were a strong era are the kind of ppl who must have been dropped on their head as a baby

what exactly made those days so strong? all the 30KPH serves and groundies? the 3 different aussie slam champs? amateurs straight from school winning GS's? the top 100 players with 130 MPH serves? all those things they discovered back then like dietitians and sports science?

so much stronger back then than now, for sure.
As opposed to this era's unending plethora of mugs and chokers who have no chance to beat the top 3?

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Originally Posted by Rod Laver
We all choke. That’s all right. We’re not machines. What you have to learn is to accept that fact and not panic. It’s the panic that loses the matches, not the nerves.
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