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Re: Professor Sampras Believes This Is the Strongest Era Ever

Havent seen the 80s era myself. But this era completely wins hands down over the 90s.

In 90s, one of the All time greats ,Sampras was there and to challenge him nobody was there consistently long enough.unfortunately Agassi was at his best quite intermittently and even at his best he wasnt able to challenge Sampras for Long. Courier was at his best just when Sampras was coming to his best.But he somehow boiled off after 93. So nobody really outstaged Sampras over a longer period of time. Becker and Edberg had come to their twilight.
And Sampras was too strong for Boris.

Otherwise there were some Clay Fishes. Muster,Bruguera,Berasategui. Put them out of their water and they would....

Some quite talented blokes were there who could have posed serious challenges but somehow could'nt Like Kafelnikov,Michael Stich,Krajicek etc. They has their own temperament to blame ?

So really nobody was close to challenge an All Time Top 5 who was Sampras.

But this era. One of all time great plays 4 5 seasons in Top Gear Federer, another one Knocks him off his perch for the next couple of years completely, and then another one knocks him off the next season. This era is just incredible.

However the 80s as i havent seen it first hand would be quite some other story with likes of Mc enroe,Connors,Borg,Lendl,Becker,Edberg... That must be quite an era..

For me This Era >>> 90s and This Era ??? 80's
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