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Re: Davis Cup

Originally Posted by Blarghman View Post
Bester is hurt, he wasn't an option.

I just don't think Chvojka or PLD would be doing any better than Peter is. Not like either of those guys would be blowing Sela off the court. Peter's had his chances on Sela's serve, but not finished them, which is disappointing, but more than I think Erik or PLD would have managed.
puhlease.. ANYONE would been able to do better than Peter these days. Peter lacks confidence, and he's in a rut. Confidence trumps everything in tennis. PLD and Bester have confidence, and they've both done well this season. I could totally see either of them win this match. Peter.. not so much.

I have to say though, that Canada has been REALLY unlucky, some of their best players are out injured. And it's not like you guys have a huge field to pick from either. You are dependent on your best players. Your team is in huge trouble if your best players are injured, because you have very limited options of who to replace them with. Canada at its best is good in DC, and you have the chance to beat more experienced DC teams, but it's difficult when half of the team is injured. You just don't have the field to pick from. Canada is still a TINY tennis country. I hope that will change in the future (obviously). You have some good players now, but still very few compared to other countries. The best thing that could happen to Canada is to see the popularity of the sport grow, so you can produce more tennis players.


Also supporting known chokers Verdasco, Lopez and Monaco

Originally Posted by rubbERR View Post
Verdasco was their cheerleader, number one mascot.
They let him play tennis once after they saw his "consistency is everything" advertisement.
Originally Posted by JarkaFish View Post
Joke thread? Kohlschreiber clowns this servebot in 3.
Maybe 4 or 5 if he wants to get more of a workout in.
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