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Re: Chat thread for Rafa fangirls and their Fedtard pals. Vol 74 Vamos Rafa!!

Originally Posted by wildegirl05 View Post
was there? you need to type up some of that stuff for me while i was hurriedly flipping through i went first to the "football" chapter but it seemed to be about young rafa picking tennis over football.

really? chris chase seems like a guy's name to me post seemed like a guy too.
You’re probably right. I just thought it was funny that I looked at the name and thought woman. Plus the article was of the scolding sort.

Just buy the stupid book. I doubt I’m going to sift through it again to find the RM mentions. He just brings it up several times. The best stuff is about his father who he admires greatly and that’s why he’s a RM fan. He talks about how difficult the AO is because he has to get up at odd hours for the RM games. It’s cute.
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