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Re: Most tactically stupid player on tour?

Originally Posted by The Freak View Post
According to the majority of people here, Monfils is the most tactically stupid player on tour? He is number 7 in the world. How high would he be if he wasn't so stupid? #1? People here have a lot of respect for his talent.
he is talented enough and freakishly capable enough to be top 7
that dosent prove anything regarding his intelect
and what does is this situation?

you have a choice
play agressively, mix it up, go to the net, use you advantages, your weapons and your talent, mix it up with work
or you you can moonball, play junk tenis 3 meters behind the line, play 40 shots rallies, waste enegry, make yourself injury prone, play stupid useless shots, throw yourself on the ground to entertain like you are a clown etc.
that choice is definiton of dumb, not position on rankings

for example, he played his best tennis this summer in cincinnati where he mixed it, played s&v, good groundstrokes, good net approaching he looked great
great touch at the net, good serve, wing span with which he reaches a lot of balls
and then he goes to the us open and plays that disgusting and idiotic match against ferrero
that defines him, not his rankings

well, they can define him, if we are talking about people who dont know anything about tennis

marin cilic is dumb in regards he dosent want to change, because he is going nowhere
tall guy, has the most pathetic serve on the tour of all the big men
he plays back all the time, dosent mix his game, poor at the net, also wasting himself in long rallies
he just dosent work on himself to make himself more diverse, more dangerous
so he either dosent think, or he dosent care, or he is surrounded by ass lickers who nod their head all the time

there are a lopt of players that dont work on their game, and if they did, they would be much better players
that is what separates the top from monilfs, cilic and those kind of players, that are wasting their talent and settling for being amazing number 7
now go back in 80` and 90` s and see how much number 7 plyers are we talking about now

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