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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

Originally Posted by Jenrios View Post
I hope Dolgopolov is able to make an impact on the tour and doesn't just crash and burn. He does need to work on strengthening his body, otherwise he will just be over-powered.
Agree. But not too many players can physically dominate him, his wicked game can beat just about any player outside the top four and who knows maybe this year Dolgo will take the step and knock off a top four. Dolgo has had some nice five set wins in the last 18 months but it's a question if he can stay strong for a full fortnight. He's a very interesting player with all kinds of potential.
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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

Feel good that I'm not the only one who likes this odd book, the Marcelo Rios book is getting positive reviews by readers...

Martin Baldridge: “Interesting book. The method of delivery is very entertaining – snippet after snippet of information from very knowledgeable tennis players and commentators. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the Chilean – and I have done so!”

Andres Barbosa: “I wanted to commend you on a great read of Marcelo Rios. I ripped off the cover and stapled it to our tennis wall at the facility (Tropical Park Tennis Center) since I live in South Florida and the Chilean crowd is quite large. Hopefully that will promote some more sales.”

Juan Coronel: “The book is awesome.”

Ron Marks: “Loving it. I’m in Cayman Isles reading Rios book. Hysterical stuff. Just one stunner after another with Rios.”

Andres Bella: “The book was great, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was so interesting reading all the various perspectives on Marcelo Rios. I remember watching him so many times and always found him to be mysterious. I could never tell what he was thinking, he was truly a one of a kind.”

Meg Perrot: “A definite must read for tennis fans.”

Ken Persson: “What I am absolutely amazed is how much feedback other pros had about Rios, Scoop did a fantastic job of getting their insight on a very interesting tennis pro, and obviously more unique than I ever thought, after reading the book, again great job by Scoop.”

Drew Vreeland: “A great, insightful read from beginning to end.”

Mark Sanders: “My son Mitchell and I both liked the book. A lot of interesting info in there. It was a good read.”

Andres Borowiak: “I loved the Rios book. Super entertaining, funny and insightful. A great read for any sports fan. Highly recommended.”

Stephen Kelly: “Really enjoyed the Rios book and have recommended it to my followers on twitter. I thought the most telling comment was from from the player (Wayne Ferreira) who said he thought that Rios was just a bit light-weight and he felt that Rios couldn’t really hit through him with the ease of an Agassi. That was maybe more of a factor in him wasting energy early in slams, rather than the harder to quantify mental issues.”

Also, noted author, journalist and editor Steve Flink did this review for…
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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

I liked the Rios book - it's about as far as you can get from being remotely autobiographical. It's essentially everyone's take on Rios from players to associates. The format is pretty different from most books - it jumps around a little but I liked it like that. Rios is one of those players who polarizes opinion but all said and done, I think the book itself is non-judgemental and leaves the reader to form an opinion based on the input of various characters and episodes in Rios life. I can't say he comes out of the book particularly well based on the interview style research but he's certainly an intriguing character nonetheless. An enigma.
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Marcelo Rios "he played a game that we really haven't seen yet"

Found this bit from the book, Marcelo Rios: The Man We Barely Knew to be very interesting, it's Luke Jensen talking about the unique way of playing of Marcelo Rios and how it seemed Rios was from another planet, everything he brought was from a universe far far away..."

If there's a player today playing a new game, maybe have to say Dolgopolov. WOnder if there will ever be another Rios who changes the game with a new style?

Luke Jensen: " wasn't about #1. It wasn't about beating everybody. It was kind of about playing the game. I truly believe, if you believe in people from another planet and stuff like that, one day we'll unmask Rios as a person from another planet. His game was that way. He acted that way. He just wasn't about our kind. He had his own kind. His own way. And just let him do his thing. A love for everything that he brought to the game. Don't try to resist it or box it up and everything like that. Just keep his game. And everything that he brought was truly from a universe far away. Because we haven't seen anything like it. You can see specks of it. But it's just like the thing with Roger Federer - nobody plays that way. Every once in a while it jumps up. The game evolves. And if you're not here to see it, not at the Grand Slams and personally in the front row watching it, from the media, from the fans, or the other players, you can't see it on TV. And that's what he did. He just made that massive jump. He played a game that we really haven't seen yet. We've seen glimpses of it. But he was just that - I keep on saying genius. But that's truly what he was. Just a misunderstood genius that was more of a movement/revolution. He wasn't a jerk. You may not have liked the way he treated you. But there's one spot out there - one person is gonna win, one person is gonna lose. That's a tough business to be in. And it's a very difficult locker room. Not everybody is gonna play nice."
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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

Patrick McEnroe was talking about this Rios book on ESPN2 during a Nadal match, with Brad Gilbert. He said it's a good easy read.
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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

Definitely misread this title as "Marcelo Rios just came out"

Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic: The Evoulution of a Handshake
federer ferrer wawrinka raonic flopez istomin mannarino pospisil

Originally Posted by QuitYerWhining View Post
Ever trolled, ever failed, no matter.
Post again, troll again, troll harder.
Originally Posted by Clay Death View Post
mods drag this thread outside and have several spotted hyenas shit on it for 4 straight days. you may have to bribe the hyenas but they will shit on it.
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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
He was not important enough or good enough, this book will sell less than 100 copies.
shut up arrogant jerk


Nadal "Sampras, Ivanisevic match. or one between those kind of players, is not enjoyable. It's not really tennis. it is a few swings of the racquet. For me in the past it was just serve. serve". arrogance.

clay excluded. successive win 0.  If grass and a hard are fast. Like Sampras era. Nadal is able to win only with clay. power of defense and muscles. boring ugly. All the surface is slow now.

fake time-out. cheat. gamesmanship. too noisy annoying always. excuse. boycotts threatened. always dissatisfaction cry complaints. dissatisfaction to schedule. selfish two-year ranking. bump to player. ugly protest. always exaggerated appeal of self condition. etc. overrated by fanatic arrogant blind fan
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Re: New Marcelo Rios book just came out

tennis connected just ran this chapter excerpt from the book with Bollettieri's perspectives and memories of Rios, very cool stuff here... couple of good laughs...

Nick Bollettieri: "My first memory of Rios is, Who is this guy? He came here with a Chilean group when he was about 14. He wasn't big in stature. But he had an air on the tennis court - that he could do anything with the ball. And that air is difficult to teach. And the ironic thing is, he could do anything with it. Even at that age he just had the ability to do those things. And then being a lefty - it was much more interesting to me because lefties are peculiar in ways. They do things you don't think anybody can do and sometimes they do things off the chart. They think different, they react differently. And they really cannot be stymied early in their career. Because if you stymie them, you never know what that boy and girl can do. And lefties are far different than righties. He wasn't too jovial on the tennis court, he didn't mess around. He wasn't joking. That's my first memory of Marcelo."

Question: Who did he like to practice with here?

Nick Bollettieri: "Marcelo would actually practice with anyone. He never thought anyone was too young or too poor. If you say to hit, he'd go out and hit. That was very good. I think Jimmy Arias said it better than anybody. Because he'd play with ding dongs, ping pongs, choppers, chippers. Because you never know when you might run into somebody that way. He would never say, Oh they're not good enough, or something like that. But he was very serious when he practiced. He was serious. And he worked like hell on the court. He would never say, I'm tired, I had enough. He would run for every ball. And he was the same way in the gym. He worked his ass off. He never complained."

Question: He loved the sport?

Nick Bollettieri: "He seemed to love it. However, he didn't show too many signs of satisfaction. So you never knew what was going through his mind. You didn't know whether he was self-conscious, over-conscious, stuck up. You didn't know. He trained with the very best - can't get any better than Larry Stefanki did a helluva job with him. And then I had him. I was a little taken aback because I began to see a little bit of a different trait of Marcelo. I don't know if he really appreciated the sport or what he could get out of the sport - it was very difficult for him to say thank you to all the people that helped him. It was very difficult for him to talk to young children, when they waited for autographs and things like that. And I was a little surprised. And he wasn't overly generous. And he was very tight with his money. I remember he'd come down from the eighth floor down to the third floor at two o'clock in the morning when the water was free. He'd go all the way down there. That was in Germany, we were playing the Grand Slam Cup in Munich and he won (d. Agassi in five sets). In fact, I had Williams then and we won the doubleheader. And so when we won, I tipped the stringer and I tipped the ballboys. And then when I presented them, he said, 'What did you do that for?' And then he even questioned whether or not I should get paid because that wasn't on the regular Tour [smiles]."

"I believe that Marcelo had as much talent - feet, movement, anticipation, hands, his eyes - of any player that's played the game. He wasn't afraid to work. But tough for him to communicate. And perhaps, to understand how devastating it was to a youngster that would wait two or three hours for autographs and then not do that. And of all the students I've had, I believe that he didn't get to a point where he was capable of doing. I think he could have been top dog, man, top dog."

Question: How has Marcelo changed and matured?

Nick Bollettieri: "He was divorced and he's married now - he's very, very, very polite. Extremely, extremely polite. He came here to watch his daughter (in 2009) - by the way, his daughter (Constanza) is excellent, excellent. No, she's better than excellent. She moves well. Good groundstrokes. Great foundation. She can volley. She can do a lot of things. She could be a very good player. And Marcelo is very happy to see that. And he was very appreciative, (saying) Thank you, he was very warm. And I said to myself, I think having the children that he has now, helped him change. But did he fulfill his career? No. No sir. He was one out of a million. What he had, you can't teach."

Question: He was the only guy I ever saw who could toy with Agassi on the court. Your comment?

Nick Bollettieri: "He could toy with anybody. Fast as anything. He created shots that most people don't even think they could do. But he was #1 for a week or so. Never won a Grand Slam. He probably fell short of the mark he could have made on tennis."

Question: What was missing in his makeup?

Nick Bollettieri: "Himself. You have to understand that life is a multitude of things. It's being humble. It's sharing. It's knowing that when a little kid waits hours - so excited - that it's your obligation - this is your profession - to give that child time. I think now he seems to be much more subdued. But he was never lazy. Never lazy. Never. He worked like an animal." of the except is at the link above.

Rios tried to stiff Nick on his fee for coaching during Grand Slam Cup because it wasn't part of the ATP TOur LOL @ Rios )
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