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Re: Third World bears brunt of global warming impacts.

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
I am sure that in some places in the world, climate change (whether man-made or natural, a different argument) has also led to the prolongation of life of some people. The authors do not take this into account.
More government money wasted on biased pseudo-science.
Man-made climate change is so Al Gore - already forgotten.
A new study by scientists at CERN seems to prove that the sun is the main driver of climate change on earth. Sunspot activity has a critical effect on cosmic ray paths, diverting them away from the earth in active periods, leading to loss of cloud formation and subsequent heating of the earth by the cosmic rays that are unobstructed by clouds.

Carbon dioxide, man-made and otherwise, would seem to have a negligible effect. Naturally this news is not being headlined: the media, grant-hungry scientists and politicians have already invested a decade in convincing the public that more regulation of their lives and more money spent on the man-made global warming scare is critical to saving the earth. Even the scientists at CERN were apparently warned to present their results, but refrain from any interpretation that would influence the climate change debate.

What's that terrible noise I hear.................Oh, just Al Gore screaming BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!!
Yes, Al, the debate may indeed soon be over.

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