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Re: Bonnie the Cat's, formerly know as Stupid Dream - PROG ROCK thread!

Originally Posted by dabeast View Post
Hey all, anyone heard the new RHCP song

Wow and I don't mean in a good way. If that's the best they can come up with after 5 years, then what the hell were they doing the whole time?? Damn I think the Chilis are past their sell-by date esp. in the current music scene. It's just one song but this sounds like all the soul that John brought to the band has been leeched out. So I'll prob not be standing in line when the album hits stores.
John Frusciante!
The Heart and Soul of RHCP. Without him. they were just one of those succesfull bands that made it big - by accident and PR.
With him - they were fantantastic.

Great thread Bonnie
Thanks mate!

My contribution for tonight, a US band that has been BASHED all along among ProgHeads for over 30 years by now, but in fact... not so bad.
One of my teenage loves. And oh hell, that´s a LONG time ago...

"I know I'm a fool, but what can I say? Whatever the price, I'll pay... for you, Madame Blue...!"


Styx / Suite Madame Blue

And a rather good live version of that classic song:


The song being meant as a rather critical honour to America... quite painful to listen to it 30 years after it was created. Still / fantastic.

Styx was one of my fav bands 30 years ago.
Cannot believe how fast Time Flies, indeed...

Styx is a very underrated band indeed. Just listen to their fantastic albums Equinox, The Grand Illusion, and Pieces of Eight.
The majority of the rest of their stuff is indeed GARBAGE... LOL.

"It's getting colder, I'm getting colder, older, it's getting colder...

Am I still here? As one, with The Fear?
Am I still alive? I'm still f*cking ... Here...!"

"The Storm Before The Calm"


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