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Re: Tennis Tipping Statistics Website - Ready For 2011!

Originally Posted by rvugt View Post
Well, I see what you mean, but checking the match, in the thread there is written, Black Friday withdrawn. So, I guess it is like that, because scher got at least a WO in the next round. And after extra checking, he was in USO, so he should not have been in the draw. So, I guess we leave it like that, unless somebody objects.

About the matches in doubles, only -Evita- can fix that. But you can finish the tournament, only not adding the last matches of the second round. I am actually waiting for Washington to be finished before I can enter more tournaments!
Ok this evening I will finish Washington and Cincy

Tennis Tipping 2016

Singles : 189 (Best 88) -
Doubles : 116 (Best 50) -

Finals CH

Singles : 4:4
Doubles : 10:9 CH (ATP 4:0) - Won Chengdu (with Allez-Alejo)
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