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Re: Who on MTF have you met and what did you do with them?

So far...

Eve - met her lots of time, lives with me here now

Betty - met her two times in Italy, had a delicious dinner at her place, played footie with Francy and we we went to an aquarium in Genova the day after

ChiudiFan - she came over for dinner while she was learning French in SUI, also met her at Rosmalen tourney

Adee-Gee - met him this year and last year at Wimbledon, this year we had a memorable karaoke night downtown London, can't wait for him to come over here now

Castafiore - met her in Antwerp, not as grumpy as she appears to be on here she gave me those delicious Leonidas pralines

Rose - met her at Rosmalen and Rotterdam, very nice woman, had a gaucho's dinner in Rotterdam too

Clashcityrocker - met him at Rotterdam tournament, had a great time making fun of the spanish fangirls there , ate those delicious dutch hotdogs, was also there at gaucho's

Kezzi and Catchie - met the twins also in den Bosch and Rotterdam, were also at gaucho's, very nice girls.

Scoobs - met him at this year's and last year Wimbledon, was funny how nervous he was when Murray wasn't exactly playing his best tennis against some journeyman and struggled

Björki - met her here is SUI, we went to Gruyeres and Lausanne, was fun to speak mostly German
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