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Re: David limping through Cincy.

Originally Posted by iramlatif View Post
When you were watching David's match against Simon, did you hear or see David get ansy/frustrated? I saw all your pics on ur flicker account, they're awesome. Thanks for taking so many pics of all the players.
You're welcome

David was yelling quite a few obscenities in Spanish--a lot of "joders" "putas" and "coños" plus some other phrases that my Spanish isn't good enough to understand. I don't think he smashed his racquet--maybe once, but I think it was only when he got to his chair. He was really annoyed with himself though and , even thought a lot of the crowd was really pulling for him It was so tense to watch the last game, his girlfriend looked so nervous.

On a sidenote, it was funny during Feli and Juan Carlos' match, Fernando just finished his match on Center Court and they were doing the interview and Grandstand is attached to Center, so you can hear everything, and while Fer was doing his post-match interview, Feli was about to serve and he yelled "Cierra la boca! Dejar de hablar, joder!" telling him to shut up

Originally Posted by Edda View Post
How exciting that you met Javi! I'd love to go to a tennis event someday and meet some of my favorite players. I wonder why Juanqui was so quiet? I know he and Ferru are best friends.
I technically didn't meet him--just saw him at dinner, but he was a foot away from me when he walked past my booth! I wish David had been there, but maybe he took Marta out for a nice dinner at a fancier restaurant Juan Carlos is a boring cheerleader, but maybe he took David out for drinks that night

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Ever trolled, ever failed, no matter.
Post again, troll again, troll harder.
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