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Re: David limping through Cincy.

Originally Posted by Declinerer View Post
I think it was mostly because I didn't realize who it was until they were just getting ready to leave--I thought about waving, but I was a bit shy. Actually, my friend and I were more concerned about the fact that were we jokingly making fun of Andy Roddick (they were airing his match on TV) only to find out the Bryan brothers were sitting right behind us and probably heard everything we said

And Juan Carlos is a horrible cheerleader, I saw both of David's matches and I think he clapped maybe once in both matches combined
Who knew Applebees of all places was a hang-out for tennis stars to come?! Lucky you got to dine in the same room with those people.

When you were watching David's match against Simon, did you hear or see David get ansy/frustrated? I saw all your pics on ur flicker account, they're awesome. Thanks for taking so many pics of all the players.
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