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Re: Credit crisis in Greece, others to follow...?

Originally Posted by Chip_s_m View Post
Funny, the EU was envisioned as a way to avoid the conflicts that have plagued Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire. Instead, it's having the opposite effect. Just look at the tensions between the Greeks and Germans. German authorities normally would have no business dictating policy in countries not named Germany. The Greeks know they fucked up. If it weren't for the creation of the Euro, they could solve their own problems as they see fit, and Germans wouldn't have to fear the outcome nearly as much. Union has just created resentment.

The EU allows politicians from one nation to dictate policy in separate countries, even those with different cultures, values, economies, etc. Why on earth would you give up local control in exchange for a faraway government that is only partially accountable to you? Sure, you get to send a delegation that has voting power, but that's only a fraction of the vote. What benefit did the people of Europe derive from the creation of the EU? Was it worth giving up local decision-making authority? One size does not fit all, and when you're one of the individuals who's forced to wear a size that doesn't fit, you're going to be pissed, and understandably so.

The importance of federalism is about to smack Europeans across the face.
100% accurate. My country is not a state. it's a Nation. Portuguese, French, English, Greek, none of us feels "European", there's nothing like "United States of Europe". USA always have been a single country, but Europe is made of lot different countries since their beginning, you can't turn them into simple "states" of a greater country. Europe is dead already.
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