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Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
Makes you think how the stats would look if they did NOT slow down grass. Since racket technology and the overall strength off players have improved so much they would have stunning numbers on fast grass. Some guys on the tour that average around 200kmh on their FS would serve so many aces that it wouldn't even be funny. (Karlovic/Isner/Roddick/Soderling etc). Even on slow grass they can get a pretty sick payoff with big serves.

With that in mind it was probably the right decision to slow the grass down. It surely created different Wimbledon winners but it prevented the all serve contest that could have happened otherwise. I think most organizers are obsessed with having the top4 guys making deep runs. Most of the tour is slow court so the top guys in the ranking doesn't necessarily want fast courts. Just makes them more vulnerable. They want as much points in play as possible because that lowers the risk of being upset early in a tournament.
Agree with you, i wrote in my post here before something similar- about fast surfaces and quicker balls in 2011 with this racquets, strings and strenght of guys on serve like Karlovic, Isner,Raonic, Roddick, Soderling, Tsonga - their first serves would be probably untouchable - you have something like 80% winning on 1st serve by top servers - i wonder what number average there would be with those ,,faster,, conditions - maybe 90-95% won average on 1st serve? So even that i am against homogenization i must admit that faster conditions would make the game all serve contest and what is most important all SV style fans must admit too that today, there is no way to play SV style with return, passing shots and other improovements by players - even on faster Wimbledon it will be very difficult with modern tennis skills and racquets to play SV - i mean it is impossible to make drop volley as winner when guy who is returning your 1st serve bomb give you back superfast return... so SV style would be most likely dead even without ATP changes - it is hard to play volleys when returns are much faster then before, difficult to handle volley to the court and also with faster conditions there won´t be probably time for volley, because good 1st serve would be service winner, so SV style would be dead even without ATP changes and slowing down of grass and faster HC and canceling carpet.
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