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Re: New string needed

Originally Posted by Sukh View Post
Hi guys,

I play to an average level with a big baseline game. I have a Dunlop Aerogel 500 tour and the strings are quite poor.

I was wondering what a good low cost alternative to the stock string?

Cheapish string is like £15 to me, just on price and name I have seen this: Babolat Magic Force 15, but obviously would like a string that suits my racket and game type.

I can't afford a whole roll and my local club doesn't have a great supply so preferably if I could buy the length it would be better

Ok bud, lemme give you the breakdown, is the site you are gonna want to check out, I'd stay away from babolat and luxilon seeing as they are very expensive. I'd also stay away from head. They make good rackets but shitty strings. Do you know what kind of string you want (poly is what i use). Technifibre makes amazing strings as does Gamma. My fav strings in order are 1) Iso speed pulse. Its a small manufactured string that is double heated and really soft. The best part is it only costs 9$ in the US. 2nd) Technifibre red code. Its tough and never breaks. Really stiff though, so may not be what you are looking for if you have arm problems. 3) Gamma Zo tour. Basically a softer version of technifibre red code but not as durable. I'd stay away from Babolat RPM Blast seeing as its fairly expensive, doesnt last, and is really overhyped. Luxilon is by far the best, but looks to be out of your (and my) price range.

Let me know more about your game and I can offer you more help broski. I owned the 500 tour back in the day, but now i use the 100. Best of luck!
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