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Re: Rafachat vol. 73 - where everything is hot,weather..posters...

A famous Romanian singer is pregnant with her first child at 42. The dad is her bf, of 32 y.o. One of my colleagues ( he's a Noletard )thinks she's crazy because she is ruining the poor guy's life making him a father at this tender age when a man is, and I quote, "practically a child"

I mean, how much of a sexist double standard could one be?
I just had to quote this from the previous thread because

to the poor guy if he is still a child at age 32 --- but not the first immature 32 year old man for sure.

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i'm death

i go at 4pm so i have two more hours before leaving to go, its clear is a heavy Flu.. i just want good pills/anti bi's to start destroying tonight... two pills every 30 minutes

hmm think i seen some of that sophocles stuff last night, it was about Indians... or was that start de game insulting him about Indians, cant even remember and was 12 hours ago... my brain is out of it right now as you know.

having crazy dreams and hallucinations
You do know that antibiotics are ineffective for treating a virus, right? You've read about the dangers of using antibiotics to treat viral infections, right?

Problem is with a virus, by the time you get to the doc, it's usually past the worst stage.

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Of course. If you waited for Mike's willy, you'd wait forever
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