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Re: FMTA Academy!~learn and ask questions about the game!

Originally Posted by jervisjames View Post
I couldn't upload an image.

Dual - If you show the scores, it would make it just as interesting as people would then try to not have a pattern that can be easily seen. Also it would show how the person won each set and be a lot more appealing to play.

Dual - Can you explain please? In your example on the commitment page, it looked like player 1 wins 7-6 but you say player 2 wins??

I see that each game is played separately against the other player and obviously once you win 6 games the set is over unless it goes to 5-5 then it may go 7-5 or 7-6, this is right? How does a tied game work if I pick 10 and the other player picks 10, what happens to the game? Is it worked out on the next game or the game before? Or does it work that who has used the less points wins the game (not as tired? )
lol, i stop this game due to the fact nobody sent in scores.
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