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Re: men's fashion thread -- i kinda like the men's capris

This is hysterical. From Wertheim's mailbag:

Nothing Serena has ever worn has moved me to write, but those pajamas Rafael Nadal is playing in at the Australian Open are an abomination. On the Paris runways, designers can run wild with fashion for reasons unrelated to actual clothing, but these Mortimer Snerd pantaloons are a mistake. Whatever Nike is paying him, it couldn't possibly be enough. What's next for the men -- Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt? Why not eye patches and tricorner hats? How about jockstraps and aprons? Flip-flops and boxers? Kilts and stovepipe hats? The athletic manufacturers tried to put tennis players in pointed running shoes a year or two ago. Now they're trying to put them in baseball pants! How on earth does a major corporation reach a decision to sell stuff like that? It makes me want to strike a match to every article of clothing I have with a swoosh on it. How high do you have to be in the draw before they let you wear big boy pants?
-- Martin Burkey, Huntsville, Ala.
Hee hee hee!
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