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Re: Bring on the Grass Season!!! :D

Originally Posted by Cloudygirl View Post
You weren't next to me.

I had a kid one side and a girl with really short brown hair the other side. I had a bright pink jumper on.

I think i was the opposite end of the court to you by the sound of it. Were you sat opposite Richard's coach or at the other end?

Are you queueing?

I can't do the queue because that would mean going up over night and I have no cat sitters lol.

I'm going to try for tickets friday. I was debating tomorrow and did get tickets on ticketmaster but I decided friday was a better day to try so rejected them. I can stay overnight then too which means I don't have to rush back. I had to miss all but the first set of Andy's match yesterday to get my train which was gutting. If not I'll try saturday.
I didn't see his coach at all so can't say for sure.

Yeah, I queued. Had no idea you could get tickets via ticketmaster. Always done it the hard way but it's bearable if you've got something to do whilst waiting for the queue to move.

It's quite likely I go on Friday too so might meet you then. I'll rep you my mobile number so we can keep in touch. Would be a big pity to miss the opportunity to meet up if you're going.

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