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Re: Tennis pros on twitter

Originally Posted by Shrinking Violet View Post
Apparently rain delays bring out the musical side in tennis pros...

The whole convo cut together for ease of reading via tumblr

Andy Murray: Is there anything the players could do to entertain spectators during rain breaks? Interviews? Autograph session? Karaoke would be great!!?

James Corden: Dude, get out there and do the rap from autograph!

Novak Djokovic: Bro,make some "golf putting" competition on the court. Or you can "chip" in the flower box :-)

Andy Murray: why don't u come over to queens and we can do our first live version of autograph with @Bryanbros!

Novak Djokovic: I would loooove to do that,but I am stuck at LUTON(London) airport! If you wait for another 60-70min,I can be there..

Bob Bryan: @andy_murray Novak has already rocked 2 live performances. Now it's your time to shine. How about a capella from the top of Murray Mound?

Novak Djokovic: @Bryanbros @Bryanbrothers @andy_murray Another idea: Go out on court with water polo caps and speedo's :-)) I will get a ball !

Bob Bryan: @DjokerNole @andy_murray It's officially a washout. I'm going home to write our new smash hit, "Photograph." Get ready world.

Kim Clijsters: @Bryanbros i will do the backing vocals! :-)

Serena Williams: @andy_murray omg I LOVE karaoke!!! Let's do it on rain delays! What's your go to song?? I'm in!!!!!! Let's go!

Andy Murray: @serenawilliams I'm taking "losing my religion" by R.EM! Had a lot of practice on singstar pro! What you taking? Not sure wimby will let us!

Serena Williams: @andy_murray I'm gonna shock them with "did it on em" by nick minaj @nickiminaj lol or "dreams money can by" by drake @drakkardnoir And of course straight outta Compton" by NWA

Mardy Fish: @serenawilliams can we sing some @jakeowen ???

Serena Williams: @Andy_Murray @DjokerNole I brought a portable karaoke machine brave singers only!

Andy Murray: @serenawilliams wow that looks way to professional for me! We got to set up a tennis karaoke competition, maybe some mixed doubles!

Novak Djokovic: @serenawilliams @andy_murray @Clijsterskim @andyroddick @Bryanbros Cooooome on guys. Let's put on the show ;-) I am IN.

Kim Clijsters: @DjokerNole I am in too ... :-)

Gael Monfils: :-)

Novak Djokovic: @monfilsgael And we need Gael to break dance :-)

Bob Bryan: @Clijsterskim Perfect! Now we have an all-star band. Our record will go platinum (in Belgium). Rehearsals next week!

Victoria Azarenka: @Bryanbros @clijsterskim since i cant really sing do u guys need somebody who can dance a bit maybe on the background?
Some good stuff here.
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