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Re: MTF 2011 Most Disliked Players of all time Updated post #130

hmm alright might as well contribute with my "dislike" list

1. Nadal (disgusting to watch, destroys hope for quality matches, nothing against him personally)
2. Hewitt (dislike him less now on older days but his game was about as disgusting as the guy above...)
3. Robredo (Boredo. This guy most of practiced how to be boring. he is good at it)
4. Almagro (more about the personality/looks than the game)
5. Verdasco (Looks like i got some spanish hate going on here but no, also most for personality, behavior)
6. Koellerer (Now that I've read up more about that man i dislike him)
7. Chang (dislike his game style)
8. Simon (see above)
9. Wilander (didn't care much for his style. Lacked the "wow-factor" of many other swedish greats)
10. Murray (got the talent to be entertaining, often choses to be boring. Needs to man up)
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