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Re: RafaChat Vol 72. Loyalty FAIL : star will cheer for Rafa to lose the #1 ranking :

Originally Posted by star View Post
Isn't it odd that a word whose derivation means blood, is an adjective meaning cheerful or optimistic? Just a thought.

Anyway, I wish I were as optimistic as you. I'm always worried that a player with Murray's kind of talent can beat Rafa -- especially Rafa as vulnerable as he is at this tournament.
I'm sure Rafa will step it up - he seemed to against Soderling. Murray, on the other hand, hasn't played anyone like Rafa's calibre this tournament so...

I'm just ambivalent now - Rafa will win, Djokovic will win, and then the fireworks will begin - but for the semis, I'm pretty relaxed about them.
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