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Re: RafaChat Vol 72. Loyalty FAIL : star will cheer for Rafa to lose the #1 ranking :

[QUOTE=(Q) Bibberz;11091672]I should be able to watch Rafa's match live since it's on first. I don't think I will be able to watch Federer/Nole, which is probably for the best. If Rafa wins his SF match, it would be best if Federer won as well because Rafa beating Federer in a slam final is always the best possible outcome. That's just my rational analysis, though. If I actually had to watch Federer/Nole, I would probably not be able to convince myself to root for Federer. (If I thought Rafa had zero chance against Nole, then I could do it, but I think Rafa can beat Nole--and that victory would be only slightly less sweet than beating Federer.) [quote]

If Rafa loses to Muzza (), I'll have to back Nole against Federer since I would have zero faith in Muzza beating Federer in the final. I would definitely support Muzza against either Nole or Federer in the final if it came to that.
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