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Re: Anybody Make A Living Here?

Yes in play betting is a very good idea, but it can also bite you on the ass sometimes. It's about always being open and willing with in play. Wait for your chances, and use in play when they come. Patience is the most important thing.

I would say EXPERIENCE is very important. You will most likely lose more than you win at the beginning. This is the simple truth. You will only understand HOW to bet in tennis after some experience. You'll understand how it's about conditions and match ups, you'll understand when the odds are good.

You'll understand how being impulsive will destroy you. And this is the problem for any gambler, it can be near impossible to not be impulsive.

And finally, don't gamble for a living. It's a terrible idea. You'll be bald in a month. Just gamble with a small sum. 99.9% of people who gamble for a living lose everything.
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