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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by ApproachShot View Post
That's what I initially thought but now notice that Lendl's record for consecutive 4th rounds in Slams is actually 29. And if you extend that to consecutive slams participated then it is 34 (although there were 3 Slams within this period in which he did not enter).

I really hope he can break Connors' consecutive QF record in slams entered - even more impressive as Rog's feat would be consecutive.
According to this timeline Lendl has 28 (it starts at FO 1983, the non-entered AusOpen 1982 was his last tournament before the streak)

I also count 34 in entered slams, hadn't thought of that record yet, good one. He also has 37 consecutive 3rd rounds in slams entered, and 40 second rounds.
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