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Re: Fabio Fognini: The Most Interesting Tennis Player in the World

Originally Posted by Orka_n View Post
I've actually seen this man in the flesh.

Fabio coined the expression Man of Shit, and that he should get credit for. But he's really a huge clown.
A clown, maybe.

A mug, perhaps.

A legend, without a doubt.

Originally Posted by Shambritfan View Post
The greatness in the man lies in his ability to put his heart and soul into p!ssing off everyone within earshot, rather than wasting his energies on developing his obviously huge potential.
Fognini is a man who has truly figured life out.

Originally Posted by Roddickominator View Post
Sounds like he needs to play some doubles with Koellerer.
Well now this is something we simply cannot have. The two of them playing doubles on the same court would soil many a female's panties.

Originally Posted by TheBaker View Post
He doesn't always insult people in Spanish, but when he does, he invents awesome new words.

Originally Posted by tennisfan856 View Post
For every 10 tennis players, there's one fabio fognini

Originally Posted by Slumpdasco View Post

What a stud this Fognini

Did you hear that? That was the sound of millions of women's panties dropping around the world
This woman speaks the truth.

Originally Posted by Gustavo Kuerten View Post
If he actually starts caring about tennis he will be a top 10 player
Without a doubt.

Originally Posted by KaiserT View Post
He's entertaining on court that's for sure.

But as a person I doubt 'interesting' is the correct description. Fairly sure he's an arrogant, self-involved, vacuous moron.... but I could be wrong.
All the qualities of a true legend.

Originally Posted by ExcaliburII View Post
He has an insane record this year. Before RG, only 28% of his matches have been decided in straights. Thats the Fognini trademark, tanking sets all over the world. Most of his matches are seen as 50/50 depending if Fabio shows up or not
What a champion. Making sure the crowd always gets its money's worth and keeping the tension always high in his matches.

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
that didnt stop verdasco from getting there, though.

but im curious what makes you think that as apparently the OP and others think the same. does he have a history of appearing in magazines and shows? i know little about the fog. in fact, i didn't care at all about him until he called boredo "the shitman". in any case, from what i've seen, i hardly think he's got the potential to enter the top 10. even for the standards of the current era, i think i'd be a bit surprised if he ever gets to the top 20.
The Fog is a legend. His exploits are well documented. As for top 20, or even top 10, if he wants to, he will.

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
i don't think his name is big enough to appear on shows, but you can recognize a vain boy loving his looks very briefly, they just have this vibe not every handsome player (or a handsome man, in general) has it

don't you see these "i'm divine" pics?

verdasco got to top 10 because these days it looks like it does, that's why i think fognini can get there without a major problem too
Should Fognini get to top 10 or 20, his star will rise exponentially. And that day, all will know the full legend of The Fog.

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