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Re: The "Clay is for Pots" 2011 Useless Clay Season Thread

I'd be the first to blame Andy for not playing well or something like that, but he has sooo much bad luck since...IW and Miami last year. He is one of the most unfortunate players. I mean,he has been having serious injuries form the beginning of his career, and now he is getting old it is getting worse and worse. It's painful to watch his career comming to an end this way. I really hope he can make one last run deep into big tournament once again. I think this is as high as our expectations should be.

I think he should not play rhe French and go straight to London. The injury is only going to get worse if he plays. Anyway, he won't be prepared for Wimbledon either..

I'm sorry for my english, hope the post is understandable.
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