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Re: Bonnie the Cat's, formerly know as Stupid Dream - PROG ROCK thread!

Originally Posted by Bonnie the Cat View Post
I like a lot of progmetal - but not all of it.
Some of these musicians take the showing-off of their technique - which usually is indeed fabulous - a bit too far for my tastes. I well remember a concert of the Dutch band Textures, where I got the feeling I was experiencing some kind of sound-maths rather than 'music'.
In other words, lots of technique but hey, were's the emotion?

The actual question is how to define 'progressive metal' in the first place. There's a great variety in music that all falls under this definition if we're to believe the usual experts on sites and in mags, but the trademark-progmetal band must be Dream Theater imho. And yes, I do like them - well, the four musicians, I can't stand their singer! I also like Symphony X a lot, but that's mostely because they have a truly amazing singer (Russell Allen) who's also a very nice guy (). Threshold, with Damian Wilson - very nice too. (you might notice that the quality of singers is very important to me...)
I've noticed that some 'experts' also think that bands like Riverside are progmetal, which I think is a mistake - that band is much too atmospheric and melodic for that label. Opeth? Hmmm, yeah they are very heavy, but I don't put them under the label of progmetal either - I'd call them 'symphonic death metal', if that makes any sense.

Do post some of your favourite progmetal over here, Yves!
Textures named their band after Cynic's song, which is a bit indicative. ;]

I enjoy both prog rock and prog metal, and not all of either as well.

Hello to everyone with cool music taste in here. (=

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On the contrary I'm one of the most intelligent posters on here.
Never go full fedtard.
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