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Re: Murray's no slouch on clay!

Murray does not have a great ability to adjust when he is losing. He just sticks to his mostly defensive tactics. He is a little two dimensional that way.

He was lucky to win against Xavier. Malise was certainly playing great tennis, but look at how easily Fed dispatched him. Fed was able to attack and counter attack to punch holes in Xaviers movement, while Murray completely failed to do this. The only reason Murray won was due to Mallise being tired in the third. This is not surprising since Malise is notoriously an out of shape, low endurance player, and he is also a bit old at almost 31.

I don't like how Murray has not improved his game at all. Look at the drastic changes Rafa made when he lost to Soderling at the French. He changed his strings, adjusted his grip, and hitted flatter. Novak changed his raquet, changed his service motion TWICE. Fed added a drop volley and a drop shot to his arsenal. And these changes have paid off for all of them to differing degrees. Novak has become a gangsta with raquet.

Murray on the other hand is just stagnant. And Murray also catipulates sets, when he is losing. The way he did last night in the second set against Xavier. This is a terrible sign in a player. For someone 6'3 he should also have a much better serve. Murray is still great on the hards, only surface he can win titles at this point in time. But I see his defensive style burning him out and giving him injuries.
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