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Re: Murray's no slouch on clay!

Murray spent many years as a junior playing tennis on the clays of Spain and France. And clay is played upon in the UK as well. So Murray SHOULD be good on clay.

But, there are too many players that can beat Murray now. Murrays biggest problem is his lack of offensive weapons. With the right conditions on a hard, and the right opponent, Murray can show his offense. But he doesn't have the pop or the drive to create a lot of pace when the conditions are slower. And he is a little too big and heavy to remain a defenisve specialist, this is why he is always so tired, he runs far too much for his size, and drains himself for the rest of the tournament.

And Murray has a mostly garbage serve. I don't think Murray could beat Djocko anymore on any surface any day, and I think Delpo would slaughter Murray in a brutal and non kosher manner, on any surface.

Don't get me wrong, Murray is a wonderful player, who has a chance at getting a slam one day (but I doubt it). But he has shown no significant improvement over the years, while Djocko and Nadal have vastly improved upon their game, willing to tinker with the strings, rackets, and even service motions. Even the aging Fed has added a stroke that he plays better than any player, the drop shot.

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