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Re: Ernests' news thread!

Osmonde- What do you mean when you said this isn't the first time Hernan has let down a player in his coaching career? I don't know much about Hernan before Ernests, but I had only heard good things so your comment surprised me. It seems Marat respected him since he recommended him.

The fact is, unless someone here knows something I don't, we have NO idea what actually happened between Hernan & Ernests. Everything seemed pretty simple, Hernan would be away for a few weeks then return to coach our Ernests but without knowing anything about recent events, we can't be sure who is the one that cut the ties. They seemed to be working well but we have no knowledge of what happened behind our eyes. I certainly don't want to put any blame or negativity against Hernan at this point.

Ernests has had a tough year. It can't be easy that he has had to deal with different illnesses through out the year. If he remains positive and has faith in himself and what he wants to do, he can certainly over come this. I still will say 2009 was by far his worst year. That was purely mental with a lack of any real effort, where as this year it seems that he really is trying to work hard but his body isn't used to it and breaking down. I constantly worry that he will give up. Like we all know, he has talked about quiting tennis a lot in interviews and that scares me. I don't want to loose my Ernests. I don't even want to think about it, and I hope this isn't something that we are going to dwell on on here. It's just going to make us all depressed. We haven't had much to be positive about this year, I realize that but there is no point in being so depressing and over think everything to death. The only thing we can do is keep our head up, have faith in him and the team he currently has around him, hope for the best & wait until we get actual information.


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