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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Originally Posted by monkeytattoo View Post
Annie we need you! (I'll delete this once we have a proper translation)
Guys, I have been in Italy for few days. I'll try to translate it today

edit: here it is...

InStyle 05/2011

Q: You have always been a showman on court - you threw and broke rackets, even once you pulled down your shorts. Do you like to play for the audience?

M: The spectators don’t want to see just hitting. They need entertainment. I have to show not only a score, but make it interesting for them. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have anything.

Q: Now you have to behave - you are a VP.

M: Of course, I need to put some limits, follow the protocol, keep emotions inside. But when you see that someone doesn’t do their work, of course getting you mad.

Q: Can you throw a party? Does your status allow that?

M: That’s boring for me. Until you are 25, when you are still young, all that it’s awesome. After that you acquire other interests. I like to be creative, to build.

Q: Watching your photoshoot I thought that you’d be great for advertising. Aren’t you poured with offers?

M: I had offers, but only foreign companies paid well. For some reason the locals believe you have to do photoshoots for cents. I think that’s wrong.

Q: You went to Spain to train on foreign sponsor’s money. Who was that?

M: A man from Switzerland, who I have never met. In 1994 he gave me USD 150 000 for 4 years. After that I was cheated, and was loaded with another USD 150 000. When I started my career in 1997, I lived at USD 60 per month, and was in debt of USD 300 000. I started earning for myself, only after I repaid all that money.

Q: Was it possible at that time to forecast, that you’d become Nr. 1 in the world? You were thought of as very athletic.

M: What about the injuries? I injured wrists, knees, back, elbows

Q: Well, no one thinks that everything was simple and easy.

M: Many people do, actually.

Q: It’s interesting - you went to Spain at 14, in the peak time of the interest to the opposite sex. Did the lack of language knowledge made it difficult to communicate with the girls?

M: certainly, it’s hard, when you don’t speak Spanish, you have no money and nothing to wear. No one paid attention to me. In Russian school it was the same - I liked the girls, they didn’t like me back. At 18 I had girlfriend for the first time in Spain. She was two years older than me, she had a car, and used to pick me up and we went to the movies to watch Spanish movies. We lived together for 4 years. She believed in me, didn’t cheat on me... it just didn’t work out.

Q: Is the professional sport compatible with a sensible private life?

M: It’s hard work to be athlete’s woman. She’d always be on second place. Self-realization could be achieved only through the man. She has to give calmness, to organize everything at home, so that the man would go out with clear head.

Q: She has to?

M: Yes. There is no other way. If she is being a pain in the eye, the man would not be able to concentrate neither on the match, nor on her, and everything would go from bad to worse. The athlete needs a “back” (support), so that he would not be tortured with questions, with whom he took a picture. There are sponsors, fans, and the woman needs to accept all that.

Q: You are ruining girls’ dreams of the famous athlete, who bought her a fancy coat, flew her to Australia, is great in bed, and all her friends envy her.

M: Then comes the question: who is she?

Q: A pretty princess.

M: Well, in a relationship I bring this and that. What is she ready to bring in the relationship? if it’s only great sex, that would hardly surprise anyone.

Q: It seems that you didn't have many long relationships?

M: But why? I lived with one four years, with the other three. They both treated me greatly, with understanding. And I would always remember them with warmth and gratitude.

Q: Weren’t you tempted to start a relationship with a tennis player? That’s an eortic fantasy to many men. And it’s understandable.

M: Of course it’s easier to date someone, who is in the same business, and to whom there is no need to explain that you have to wait half an hour after a match for a press conference and a massage. They are such couples of tennis players, but I think it’s better to be friends.

Q: After so many traveling, how do you feel settled down?

M: Great. I have a home. Before that I lived in hotels, and I had to open the curtains in the mornings to see, in what country am I. Or I used to wake up at night and not be able to find the rest room.

Q: Do play a lot of tennis now?

M; Just to keep myself fit.

Q: it seems your fitness is just fine.

M: That’s because I move all the time. One could sit in the office and eat like a pig, or one could move, few times a week play football, tennis, skate, go to the gym. In my age, one has to do sports, otherwise later on would be hard to keep in shape.

Q: Do you buy clothes yourself?

M: yes, and only when I have to. Today I liked a raincoat we used in the photoshoot, a brown one. I’ll go one like that now. The most important thing is to be comfortable and to fit the occasion. One cannot go on a meeting with Putin, wearing torn jeans. It’s also important to be cheap.
Here everything is unreasonably expensive, that’s why I buy clothes from the USA.

Q: Do pay attention to girls’ clothes?

M: I like girls who are dressed simply and without tons of make-up. And there is no need to fix the hair in a special style. I don’t like it, when at 10 h in the morning, the girl looks like, as if she’s going to a ball. Why would you need high heels all day? Unnecessary things should not be worn! jeans, Converse, all is simple and nice. Not the clothes make the man, but the personality.

text under picture:
“People who are something, do not need a swagger. As they say in the movie “American gangster” - “the loudest in the room is the weakest one”

И для него воскресли вновь
И божество, и вдохновенье,
И жизнь, и слезы, и любовь.

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