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Re: HBO game of thrones - anyone watching?

I have read all books that have come out so far from the franchise and I have watched 2 episodes that have come out of the HBO series.

I agree with the OP that HBO have done a great work with the series. They have come as close to the books as possible for a TV show and the casting and directing are fantastic. I think they have found the right actors for all characters.

I don’t agree with the poster who said that the actress who plays Catelyn is old and ugly. Man, they are living in a cruel world in times without cosmetic which preserves youthful look, plastic surgery, special cosmetics facial masks etc. She has given birth to 5 children how do you want her to look? She isn’t ugly she has the look and dignity that is expected from Catelyn. For me the actress is good to play that role. And about Cersei – she doesn’t need to look evil she have to be evil. And she is. How much sexy do you want her to look? The actress is attractive enough without being vulgar, they could have cast a model but would she be capable of good acting as well? I doubt it.
As for the incest – it has been natural for Egyptian, Roman and many other cultures. Why is anyone wondering about this in the movie? Besides incest has always been a centuries long norm in the home of Targaryens, too.

Jon Snow is all right. Yeah, sometimes he looks lost but this is how he looked in the book, too. And what are you expecting from a boy, 17-18 years old, being the lord’s bastard.

I like the series very much and I think HBO should pick it up for 2nd season.

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