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Re: HBO game of thrones - anyone watching?

American woman.

In one hour-long program there were at least two rapes, twenty women naked from the top up (several completely naked), one blatant sex scene and several partially obscured scenes.
I sat on the couch next to my husband with my face burning (which has never happened to me). He said the show was pornographic and confusing. He never read the books.

The books are not for children, and on HBO I expected sex, violence and swearing. But the level they took it to, detracted from the plot of the story.
Several of my friends that I asked to watch this texted me stating how confused they are over the shifting scenes, and large amount of cast members that were barely introduced.
Other shows that I have watched and loved on HBO did not have this large amount of sex.
Even Sex and the City.
I will watch one more episode but if it was anything like last night's then I give up!

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