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Re: Groove Dude cheering thread

Originally Posted by GlennMirnyi View Post
Wow that serve movement is ugly.

The aspect ratio of that video makes you look overweight. Very strange.

Good luck, though.
Thank you good sir on the constructive criticism

I've lost a few pounds since then and have changed my serve to a more Soderling-like motion.

Originally Posted by careergrandslam View Post
what is ur name and show us a picture of urself.
so we know to look out for u.

maybe oneday u will go up against rafa nadal, u have his helicopter forehand when u hit the inside in forehand.

im guessing ur a big rafa nadal fan?
Ask around here, people know me.

And Nadal is ridiculous, I have a few years of work to do before I can beat him.

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Originally Posted by Rod Laver
We all choke. That’s all right. We’re not machines. What you have to learn is to accept that fact and not panic. It’s the panic that loses the matches, not the nerves.
Originally Posted by Gary Player
The harder you try, the luckier you get.
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